South China Beauty Expo Concentrates Powerful Resources for the Beauty Industry


South China Beauty Expo Concentrates Powerful Resources for the Beauty Industry

April 15, 2020, Guangzhou - At the beginning of 2020, a sudden outbreak of COVID-19 has broken the peace. However, amid the crisis, there are always opportunities. The more challenging the situation, the more courage we have to strive for the better. This is no exception for the people in the beauty industry.

China is one of the countries with strong demand for cosmetics but its per capita cosmetics consumption is still 6 times lagging behind that of the developed countries and regions. In order to help the Chinese cosmetics industry to advance in a multi-dimensional scale and grasp the new B2B opportunities in the Greater Bay Area, the South China Beauty Expo (SCBE) will be held for the first time at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from July 30 to August 1, 2020 by Informa Markets, BolognaFiere and Shanghai Baiwen Exhibition Co Ltd.

The inaugural event will be held in the exhibition centre of 22,500 SQM in size and joined by 800 high-quality exhibitors from various sectors for an expected number of 20,000 trade visitors.


Leading suppliers for diversified market needs

Serving as the vane of the beauty industry, SCBE bases on its geographical advantage and dominant background to fit the industry trend and consumer demand by selecting the exhibit categories: Perfume & Fragrance, Personal Care & Toiletries, Cosmetics & Tools, Nails & Equipment, Professional Salons Products & Equipment, and Hair Salons Products & Equipment, Supply Chain.


Along with the rise of Gen Z make-up consumption, the requirement of exquisiteness has also become higher and higher. The industry-related Bluebook 2019 shows that the hottest categories, i.e., lipsticks and various tools of makeup and beauty have developed rapidly. Clearly, the setting of exquisite beauty needs sophisticated makeup tools.

In the current industry value system, the supply chain service is becoming the key for the manufacturers to get business opportunities. The customers are not only interested in the R&D and production of the suppliers, but also their ability to provide more diversified services.


Powered by the advantage of strong resource integration, SCBE selects the best one-stop exhibitors and service providers at home and abroad exhibiting in the Beauty Supply Chain area for the fields of contract manufacturing, OEM/ODM, packaging materials, raw materials, printing, machinery and equipment to present forward-looking information as well as professional and effective supply-chain solutions to the visitors.   The leading suppliers at the exhibition will also present opportunities of sourcing and starting beauty business for the Greater Bay Area and neighbouring areas. 




Four major exhibition features aggregate new resources and information
From production to consumption, the entire population is within the transformation of new retail. Returning to value and retail empowerment are the mission and responsibility of the industry brought by the new consumption era. For the companies of channels and brands to explore the growth strategy under the new consumption trend, SCBE will join hands with China Beauty Expo to host an industry summit of cosmetics retails, at which, the elites of cosmetics channels and retails as well as the practically experienced experts inside and outside the industry will brainstorm new ideas for the visitors to activate new retail power.


The beauty industry has no boundary. As more and more foreign companies or brands see the huge capacity of the Chinese market and the rapid development of the Internet, domestic companies also need to go global. Most domestic consumers use the cross-border e-commerce channel to buy from overseas. Similarly, foreign companies or consumers can rely on the same channel to understand and buy Chinese products. The inaugural SCBE will center on the theme of "Cross-border E-beauty" to invite the overseas e-commerce platforms to present front-end market information and one-stop solutions for the visitors to explore overseas markets.

In the new era, cross-border is not a new concept with related businesses appear in all walks of life. In the beauty industry, cross-border is also a normality. However, we are going to have a divergent new gameplay presented by SCBE's Beauty-Accessory Pavilion with sparkling fusion of fashion accessories and innovative beauty that will unfold a new cross-border journey.

Cross-border also associates with IP marketing which is booming in recent years especially in the beauty sector. Many beauty brands have successfully surged the sales by using IP marketing. In the coming event, SCBE and Licensing Expo China (LEC) will jointly hold an IP licensing conference combining beauty IP marketing to bring valuable new style to the brands.



Special activities for the industry focus
Nowadays, as more and more Gen Z consumers are more willing to get brand information through the social platforms, social e-commerce has emerged as a new social retail channel. Beauty products use the advantages of social e-commerce to attract the users to become their fans, then subtly transform them into the brand advocates. For example, being leaned on by many beauty brands, WeChat App Mall has gradually become the main outlet for many companies. The SCBE has specially invited relevant industry experts and media veterans to share the hot content such as " E-Commerce WeChat Mini Program Best Practices for Beauty Brands", "How to Create Value-Added Community with Differentiable Content Strategy" and "Digital Marketing for Beauty Enterprises”.

The development of the cosmetics industry is inseparable from sustainability. Comparing with the counterparts in Europe and America who have mature environmental protection concepts, the domestic consumers' awareness of environmental protection and sustainability is in the stage of innovation and growth. This means that there is a huge market behind the healthy and sustainable lifestyles. In the new transformation of green wave, the pioneers who can foresee and grasp the new trends will take the lead in winning the favour and recognition of the consumers, thus, lead the entire beauty industry towards a greener and more sustainable production model. The Keynote Speech of "Tomorrow Strongest Marketing Tools of Brands: Green and Sustainability Designs" will share how the brand activities that related to environmental protection can bring win-win results to the brands and the environment.

In addition, the coming SCBE will hold more exciting events such as "Design Trends and Product Innovation Targeting the New Generation", "The Future Trend in Beauty Retail" and the 10th Anniversary Hair & Styling Awards and Hair Culture Exchange Hair Show by The Asia Hair Masters Association (AHMA).



Pre-registration for visiting SCBE

Based in Shenzhen of the Greater Bay Area, the South China Beauty Expo unleashes its strong advantage of resource integration of high-tech R&D and creative innovation trends to provide hard-core reform potential for the innovative development of the Chinese beauty industry.

From July 30 to August 1 of 2020, this highly regarded beauty event will be held in Shenzhen. At this moment, the pre-registration has begun. Please follow SCBE in WeChat or log in to the official website to register. The successful applicants of Invited VIP Buyer can also get the exclusive benefits provided by the buyer service team.


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