We know sustainability is increasingly important to our attendees and exhibitors, as well as to our market as a whole.  Running an South China Beauty Expo gives us lots of opportunities to improve our impacts environmentally, socially and economically in our host cities.  We want to make our event more responsible and play a role in helping our markets improve its own sustainability through connecting people with the networks and knowledge they want to help solve the big challenges in our sector.

YAT X South China Beauty Expo create a green beauty plan


Protect the Earth, start by Recycling Empty Beauty Bottles
We will hold an empty cosmetic bottle recycling event on South China Beauty Expo in 2022, in Shenzhen . Join us and bring the empty bottles of cosmetics or skin care products to the recycling area onsite!
Let’s move towards sustainablity together and promote the green beauty programme!

Participation method 1:

Become an event gift Sponsor and promote green beauty together
Your Brand will acquire:
  • Omni-channel publicity with estimated 2 million exposures, such as WeChat publication account, WeChat Group, Moments, WeChat mini-programme, 
• Exposure of brand products and logo, with more than 20,000 visitors flow

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Participation method 2:

Support Sustainability with Individual Action
During the expo, bring your beauty bottles to the exhibition site, Beauty Factory at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. You can take photos and promote on social media, exchange for exclusive gifts with the bottles, and call for sustainable development together with us.

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Openstreams Foundation X The South China Beauty Expo


We are pleased to introduce a new initiative of the Openstreams Foundation: STOP AGE ANXIETY. Its aim is to challenge our attitudes towards aging and alleviate the pressures created by the beauty dictates of our modern society. Aging often has a negative connotation, but it should be embraced as a natural part of life. With the global population living longer and growing older, the consequences of aging are garnering more attention than ever. The number of persons aged 80 years or older is forecasted to reach 426 million by 2050. The beauty industry plays a powerful role in shaping society’s expectations and are encouraged to promote a positive, healthy, and inclusive view towards aging. Sponsored by BEAUTYSTREAMS, the year-long Stop Age Anxiety awareness campaign will roll out between April 2022 and March 2023.

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South China Beauty Expo is recruiting “ Renewable Electricity Partner”.

The suggested sponsored amount: The electricity amount RMB20,000 of onsite functional area.

The Renewable Electricity Partner will be titled to appreciate and promote at onsite bill board as well as pre-show publication material, that Renewable Electricity sponsorship SCBE’s electricity use is powered by sustainable and renewable energy sources, saving an estimated XXXXXX tones of CO2e.


Renewable Electricity Partner

Environmentally Responsible Event Partners

Socially Responsible Event Partner


We believe a sustainable event focusses on three key aims:

We want to help our markets through inspiring sustainable development.

We focus on:

· Using our content to support the sustainability of the market the event serves

· Inspiring our suppliers, exhibitors and other stakeholders to deliver a sustainable event 

· Developing market relevant partnerships

We also want to ensure we run our events in an increasingly environmentally responsible manner.

We focus on:

· Reducing our event’s carbon emissions

· Creating less waste

· Considering sustainability credentials of the items sourced for the event

We want to consider how we run our events in a socially responsible manner.

We focus on:

· Doing business safely and ethically

· Considering wellbeing and accessibility

· Creating a positive impact on our host cities

· Measuring our impacts


Our event is part of Informa Markets and the Informa Group.  Sustainability at Informa focuses on the long term impacts we have on customers, colleagues, the communities we work in and the environment. 

Many of our stakeholders are clearly telling us that sustainability (social, economic and environmental) is something that is no longer a nice to have but a necessary part of any event.  We want to make sure we’re meeting those expectations and we believe that being sustainable is the right thing to do.

We also recognise that it’s not just about the way we produce our events and products but recognizing that we have a role to play in providing a space to work in partnership together with our markets to inspire the sustainable development of the industries we serve.  This is an ongoing process for us and we’re looking for ideas of how we can improve. 

More information about our work so far can be found on the including our latest sustainability reports.