Visual Campaign represents contemporary Chinese Beauty (C-Beauty)



The first edition’s visual campaign of South China Beauty Expo is created in collaboration with BEAUTYSTREAMS. Photographed by Parisian beauty photographer Rebecca Lafaye under BEAUTYSTREAMS creative direction, the visual represents contemporary Chinese Beauty (C-Beauty).


Thanks to BEAUTYSTREAMS unique international perspective, the agency with collaborators on worldwide forecasts the influence of C-Beauty on international beauty standards in the upcoming years. It embodies the artistic approach of China’s innovative youth who borrows codes of the country’s rich cultural tradition and mixes them with contemporary aesthetics.


The South China Beauty Expo campaign captures this approach through healthily glowing skin and nude lips that leave space to the bright pink accents on eyes, unconsciously recalling Beijing Opera. Unapologetically youthful yet minimalist, the photography exudes trendy sophistication.


ig: @beautystreams_official

ig: @RebeccaLafayePhotography